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Marriage Guidance in Sydney
15 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Consider the following fifteen questions. Satisfied couples can generally answer yes to all, or most, of these questions.  Why not sit down and answer these questions with your partner, as a guide to the health of your relationship.

  1. Do you regularly spend an hour or more just talking?

  2. Do you work together on a shared interest or project?

  3. Do you go for a walk or drive together just so that you can spend
    some quality time together?

  4. Do you regularly go out together, just the two of you?

  5. Do you sit and discuss your personal feelings together?

  6. Do you have a satisfactory sexual relationship?

  7. Do you listen to each others opinion, with mutual respect and interest?

  8. Do you tell each other that you admire and respect each other?

  9. Do you show confidence in each others abilities?

  10. Do you ask each other, and really listen, about how each of you
    have spent your day?

  11. Do you regularly hug or kiss each other?

  12. Do you tell each other, regularly, that you enjoy each others company?

  13. Do you enjoy a shared laugh or joke?

  14. Do you do errands or tasks for your partner, just to make their day easier?

  15. Do you regularly tell each other that you love each other?



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